Today we are finishing up a waterproofing, underpinning and bracing job that we did in South Regina.  In the video, the guys right now are finishing up the last touches on the membrane.  The lift is completed and we used screw piles in this application.  The membrane is a Blueskin, the screw piles have been installed and the house has been lifted.  We are continuing the waterproofing process, after the membrane is all up and sealed and on, we will continue with the weeping tile, then rock, sand backfill then clay capping. Inside, he’s completing the sump pit and I will move onto that shortly after this video. This house had sunk a few inches but the lift went really well.

From the interior portion of the video:

This here is steel bracing that we’ve completed in South Regina. This house we’ve also lifted and installed screw piles. We are putting a sump pit in the corner as part of the waterproofing process and a couple more days here and we will be complete. As you can see in the video, we show the sump pit with the tie into outside. That’s what will carry the water into the inside, into the sump, and then away. As we complete the waterproofing process, you can see that we have done the bracing and we’ve filled the interior cracks. At the end of the video you can that we show the sump pit that will be installed where the  weeping tile will feed into, and the water will be taken away.

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