Today we’re waterproofing in the Rosemont Area of Regina and it’s a four-wall waterproofing job that we are doing.  Right now, the guys are just preparing the site; they’re excavating, removing the dirt, the dump truck is on the way to the dump with the clay.  The bobcat is just here waiting to load up again. I will walk over to our trench here.

So on this job we’ve been given permission to use the driveway for the dirt.  On many jobs, we take the excavated dirt away and never let it hit the ground.  However, on this one, the driveway is going to be replaced as soon as we leave.

We haven’t done the front yet as of this video but that will be getting done as well as we make our way around.

So once we’ve completed excavating this wall, we will clean the walls and fill any cracks and gaps.  We will then prime the walls and apply our membrane to the wall which wraps onto the side of the footing. Then after the membrane is complete, we will install a soft weeping tile beside the footing which will go the full perimeter around the house and tie into the inside into a sump pit. On the outside, we will then back fill with rock on the weeping pile, sand fill on top of that and and add clay capping on top of the sand.

Inside we are also doing some work here. The floor has been removed and the walls are getting braced, and the underslab work has been done by the plumbers. As of this video, we are about part way through this one.

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