Basement Waterproofing

Protect your biggest investment, your home!

You can’t stop the rain – but you can stop it from ruining your biggest investment.

  • Does your basement leak?
  • Are you unable to enjoy a considerable amount of space in your home because of water problems?
  • Are you afraid to improve or furnish your basement because of fear of water problems?

The longer water problems are putt off, the worse they get and the more it will cost you to fix them. JS basement works can solve your basement leaking problems with our engineered basement waterproofing solutions.

Basement Wall Bracing

Are your foundation walls cracking?

Most sub grade soil in Regina is highly plastic, potentially active type clay. This type of soil will undergo large volume changes when the water content increases or decreases in the clay. These volume changes combined with lateral soil pressures and deterioration due to aging exerts a sufficient amount of force to cause cracking and inward movement. Other contributing factors are tree roots, insufficient steel in concrete, water from leaky plumbing, mud jacking and poor drainage. If your walls have horizontal of vertical cracks causing inward movement to your foundation walls, JS Basement Works can protect them with engineered steel bracing designs that guarantee your wall from further movement.

Engineered Knee Walls

Do you have a concrete block, brick, or afieldstone foundation?

Because of the different pieces and joints in the construction of these walls we are not able to install only wall braces. Instead we install a poured concrete knee wall or pony wall against the inside of the original foundation wall which provides the support needed to structurally secure your homes foundation.

Foundation Underpinning

  • Are windows or doors sticking?
  • Are your walls bowing or cracking?
  • Is your home sloping?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than your home is probably experiencing foundation settling, conditions were the soil beneath you house shifts and settles-taking your home with it. JS Basement Works recommends foundation underpinning a strong, safe, and long lasting repair. Foundation underpinning is an engineered design that uses heavy-duty steel piers or concrete piles that are driven into the ground beneath your home, and then used to permanently lift it back into its original position.

Sump Pumps

JS Basement Works only uses the highest quality of sump pits and pumps. The sump pump pit is molded from high quality, impact resistant polyethylene; it’s tough, seamless, and corrosion proof and will not fail under soil shifting or ground heaving. The sump pumps are ideally suited for flood protection and essential drainage for conventional systems or for conventional systems that have failed or do not exist. Sump pits provide pre-emptive year around defense, and are highly recommended by engineers and industry professionals.

New Concrete Basement Floors

Similar to your foundation walls your basement floor can see a sufficient amount of force and heaving. If your basement floor is heaving, cracking or decaying, making your basement unsightly and unlivable, JS Basement Works can remove your old concrete floor and pour a new concrete floor to give your home a strong, level basement floor.

New foundations

JS Basement Works is a certified installer of insulated concrete foundations. We provide industry-leading technologies that can only be found in Nudura insulated concrete forms. Not only are ICF foundations far more energy efficient then conventional basements, they are structurally stronger, provide sound resistance, offer your family maximum fire protection and long term value.


Driveways, patios, sidewalks, slabs, garage pads, grade beams, new foundations, floors, piles,anything you want concrete us at JS Basement Works can make it happen. Removal, disposal and replacement services for any concrete or exposed aggregate surface. We pride ourselves in a great finish that is structurally able to handle Regina’s worst soil conditions.

Bobcat, Excavator & Dump truck Services

We have a full line of equipment to service your needs. Weather it’s removing and disposing of an old concrete driveway, excavating around your foundation for repairs or bring clay in to do some grading we can do it all.

Worried about being able to get machines into a small spot? We have the smallest mini excavator in Regina that can still accomplish depths of over eight feet deep, and bobcats that can fit in almost any spot.

Complete Basement Renovations

JS Basement Works can give you that basement you always promised yourself. A finished basement will definitely enhance your lifestyle, add space, and add value to your home. If it’s finishing drywall, framing, spray foam insulation,installing a new suspended ceiling or giving your basement that new bathroom you always wanted, JS Basement Works can do it with the highest quality customer satisfaction.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

We offer polyurethane spray foam insulation and Attic top ups for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural projects.

Increase your energy efficiency and reduce energy costs with a certified spray foam installer/contractor. Spray Foam insulation provides exceptional energy savings as it has high “R” values, no seams, resistant to air leaks. It also Resists mildew and fungus, adds structural strength reduces noise and is environmentally friendly. If you want to save money and reduce energy costs by up to 50% spray foam is your only answer.

Basement Window Cutting

Whether it’s cutting an egress window for a bedroom to meet code or cutting a window to lighten up a room in the basement, we can quickly have you from start to finish. We don’t only offer the cutting aspect but the entire window placement, trim, well and weeping drain when needed.

Xcite Decorative Coatings

At JS Basement Works we have joined forces with Xcite Decorative Coatings to provide customers the latest in residential & commercial concrete coatings. We take ugly plain concrete and turn it into a surface all your friends will envy. From pebble stone coatings, stamped concrete overlays, rubber stone, glass pebble stone, flocrete overlays and more, we have the right product for refinishing damaged & unsightly concrete or wood in any climate guaranteed.

Under Slab Sewer Line Replacement

If the time has come and you’re under slab sewer line needs replacing, we can take you from start to finish quickly. You may want a 3 piece bath added, require a backflow valve or a completely new main line, anything under slab we can help.