At this Regina house, we are waterproofing two walls. As you can see in the video, it’s a very tight fit between the fence and foundation wall. The machine at the back is a mini excavator that we use where the tracks are able to go in and out so we can make it as narrow as 39 inches wide and still reach the depths that we need to reach in order to do the waterproofing on these foundations. As you can see, it was a very tight fit but we’ve done it.

There was existing weeping tile as you can see and we will be digging it out and replacing it with a soft weeping tile. We’ll be putting membrane on the wall, adding rock, then sand fill and clay capping on top of that.

This side wall is a 40 foot wall. The excavator operator is taking his time due to the close proximity between the house and the fence. That machine is 39 inches in width when the tracks are in. As you can see, we’re dumping into wheel barrows which the guys are loading out front as we keep our job sites as clean as possible which also creates the least amount of work at the end for us. As we progress on this waterproofing job, we’ll be continuing down the back the next day but we will be using a bigger machine.

So once we’re done this tight side, we’ll move this machine onto the next job and continue on with our bigger excavator which will speed things along a bit. As you can see in the video its a really tight fit but if you give us a little more than three feet, we can make it work.