Today we are in Harbour Landing. This is a brand-new basement that’s been poured and we’re working on installing a sump
pit which you can see in the video. That will be getting installed into the appropriate spot. In this basement we will be doing a structural floor that’s why you see that
the piles in place here.

They are much different than a conventional floor that is usually done in Regina. Structural floors work really well with the region’s gumbo and are far superior than the conventional floor but do come with a cost.

This house is also on piles. It’s a brand-new construction as I said we’ve installed the exterior weeping tile and we’ve put the rock on it and they’ve done the back fill.

These are all important things, even in brand new houses, that their done correctly. It’s important if you can to back fill with sand which relieves those walls in the future from having that pressure applied to and from the clay. Also this house is on piles so when sinking and settling happens it’s not susceptible to moving. It’s much better than being on a footing-type structure in Regina in the south end especially.

As as I said we will be doing the structural floor here within the week there there’s huge benefits to that as well. As you can see in the video, Fabian is digging a hole for the sump pit and as I said we had finished the weeping tile time so we have to feed the water in.

As we continue on this job, I will continue posting the stages of this structural floor so you can see that what and how it’s done on a new basement.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!