Those of us who live and work in the Regina area are probably familiar with the vast number of basement and foundation problems that plague our region. Foundations crack, footers fail, houses settle and water seeps in.  All of which can cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage – not to mention the safety issues that this creates. Foundations are the most important part of a home.  They hold up and support everything you hold dear: your personal possessions, your family and your life! So what do you do when your house starts to sink or your basement begins to take on water? Whatever you do, don’t try and fix it yourself! That almost always causes far more long term problems than it solves and can create serious and unnecessary safety risks. Your best bet is to call a professional and get it fixed the right way before your problem gets worse.

Foundation Repair in Regina Is A Complex Task

Repairing a foundation is no easy task, especially in the Regina area. The soil in this area contains a mineral called sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite turns regular clay into a sponge which enables the soil to absorb huge amounts of water. The soil expands and puts pressure on your foundation. Cracks can appear and water can seep in. The ground can shift and sink, causing walls to buckle and floors to heave. A normal homeowner probably won’t know exactly what has caused their foundation problems which means they don’t know how to make the necessary repairs.

Each situation is different and requires a certain approach that only experts should handle. For instance, porous concrete will absorb water, causing the foundation walls to form cracks and leaks. Installing a waterproofing membrane will seal the walls and weeping tile is used to collect ground water and water collected as part of the waterproofing process and direct that water away from the foundation.

Sometimes a foundation has a more complex issue, so installing an Engineered Knee Wall can solve the issue. Maybe the ground under a foundation footing has been weakened by water and starts to give way. Underpinning can address issues such as these with a great degree of success. However, a combination of issues can lead to more serious problems, which require a combination of techniques used together.

The most important thing to remember is to call an experienced company to evaluate your situation. Don’t try to do the work yourself. Silicon caulk and concrete filler will not solve the issue, but will only delay the inevitable. When one assumes they can repair these problems as well as the experts, it almost always ends up costing them a lot more money in the long run and opens them up to potentially serious liability. Regina gumbo presents an unfortunate and unique set of problems for old and new foundations. You want to find someone who understands these intricate problems and can find a permanent solution for your home.

JS Basement Works understands the local soil conditions and is very experienced in successfully dealing with the issues you’re facing. Whether your foundation needs a waterproofing membrane, a weeping tile system, an engineered knee wall, underpinning or a combination of these, JS Basement Works can evaluate your basement and foundation issues and come up with the right solution. Call an expert. Get it done right once and for all.