The Regina area is well known for its leaky basements. It happens to old and new basements alike and can be expensive to fix. Many of us have heard stories about contractors charging too much but in the end not fixing the problem. This leaves some homeowners feeling helpless, while others think, “I’ll just do it myself and it’ll be fine!” But, trying to do the work yourself can end up costing a lot more money in the long run and can potentially be very dangerous.

What Causes a Leaky Basement?

In the Regina area, the soil is made up of unique clay left over from the last Ice Age. That clay contains a mineral called sodium bentonite, which turns normal clay into a sponge. The “Regina gumbo”, as it is called, absorbs large amounts of water which causes it to expand. That expansion creates a significant increase in pressure on your foundation walls until small cracks start to form. Water seeps into those cracks, causing them to expand and just like that, your basement leaks!

Weeping Tile To The Rescue

Weeping tile can help. Weeping tile isn’t really tile at all, but is plastic pipes, approximately 10 cm in diameter with small holes throughout. The holes allow water to seep in, while small channels collect and carrying the water away from the foundation. For houses on flat terrain (like in Regina), the weeping tiles are installed so they flow into a pit (also called a sump). The water is then pumped out and away from the foundation.

To install a weeping tile system, first a trench has to be dug around the foundation to expose the walls. Concrete is porous and absorbs water, so the outside of the walls must be sealed, either with a strong waterproof compound or a plastic barrier called an air-gap membrane. The weeping tiles are than installed at the base of the foundation, where the walls meet the footers. Once weeping tiles are in place, the trench is covered with small quarter-sized gravel. The gravel allows water to percolate downward more quickly while preventing clay from clogging up the system. The gravel also drastically reduces the amount of expansion in the soil, reducing pressure on the foundation walls. The weeping tiles carry the water away, which creates a stable environment in and around your foundation.

Who Do You Call?

JS Basement Works specializes in these exact types of repairs. Our team of experts understands the local soil conditions what causes the leaky basements in the Regina area and the many issues that can arise as a result. We will evaluate your situation to provide the best and most reasonably priced solution for you. Don’t try to repair your leaky basement yourself. Bring in the experts. We can resolve your wet basement issues once and for all.